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Yvonne Green Davis, P.C. is a licensed title agent for The Security Title Guarantee Corporation of Baltimore and has been for the last decade qualified to do business according to the Alabama Department of Insurance and issue title commitments and title policies throughout the state of Alabama.


YGD handles hundreds of real estate transactions including single-family, multi-family, and commercial closings as well as title searches, title commitments and issuing title insurance every year all across the state of Alabama. We strive to provide the best service to our clients and eliminate the need to hire several different companies to meet the needs of our clients. Being a title agent has allowed the YGD to handle every aspect of our clients’ residential or commercial real estate transactions from start to finish in a timely manner.


For more information on our title services please visit www.AmeriTitleCompany.com


Yvonne Green Davis, P.C. dba AmeriTitle Company

Yvonne Green Davis, P.C. dba AmeriTitle Company (AmeriTitle) is an authorized title agent for Security Title Guaranty Corporation of Baltimore (Security), one of the finest in the title insurance industry. Security is committed to providing its valued independent title agents with the very best products, services and support available so they are able to enhance the Real Estate Transaction and Title insurance Process whether it is residential, commercial, construction, development or industrial.


Security's products and services are each important to enhancing particular segments of the housing, land, real estate and mortgage markets. When combined, these services become a comprehensive solution to meeting an entire range of land information needs. So whether a purchaser is considering buying a property abroad, a government is exploring the development of an automated land registry, a lender is expanding into new markets via cross-border lending or mortgage securitization, or a public or private corporation is acquiring hundreds of properties, Security partners with YGD dba AmeriTitle  to provide the services and solution in a timely manner.


AmeriTitle provides closing services, title insurance, title commitments, title searches, preliminary informational title searches, property tax information, judgment and tax lien searches throughout the state of Alabama.  YGD may partner anywhere in the United States in partnership with National Title Services to meet the needs of its clients.

AmeriTitle can handle any of your title insurance needs from vacant land to new construction, hotel developments, commercial buildings, entertainment projects and shopping malls.  We are capable of strategically handling your title needs anywhere in the United States in partnership with National Title Services.  We are proud to serve you and work hard to earn and keep your business.


AmeriTitle Approach

As a leader in real estate information services, AmeriTitle understands that each real estate market is unique, and that's why AmeriTitle focuses its business model on being creative and innovative and in providing the local market with the tools needed to increase the speed and security of the local transaction.  We focus on creating market-specific products and services that provide local solutions for local markets whether it’s a single transaction, Right-a-Way Transaction, Acquisition and Relocation Federal Project or Land Banking Project.


With AmeriTitle as your real estate information provider, you’re on target for sure success. What makes YGD dba AmeriTitle unique is its ability to provide its clients not only a title search or title commitment but its ability to provide a comprehensive approach in providing Real Estate and Title Services. We work with our client to cure title defects within a timely manner, render legal advice regarding title curative issues, and Probate and Will issues that affect titles, By doing this we are eliminating the client having to use multiple companies to provide title services and clear title which saves the client time and money. AmeriTitle team has the real estate and title knowledge to assist clients with handling title issues and Land Banking issues that are unique to the clients’ needs when it comes to real estate development projects and economic development projects.


Title Services:

  • Title Searches

  • Title Commitment

  • Title Insurances

  • Title Curative Services

  • Land Banking Services

  • Real Estate Transactions’

  • Closing Services

  • Recording Document Services

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